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The Amazing Wonders Of Earth

Author   Category Limitless Living

Hi Earthling! How much peace, ease, and communion could you have with the Earth? I filmed this Tour of Consciousness from Tel Aviv on Earth Day some years ago…. Earth Day is a day to celebrate the Earth! It is funny to me…We have this…Read More

Dear Earth Loop

Author   Category Limitless Living

Dear Earth, What do you know? What can I receive from you today? What can I contribute to you today? What awareness can I have about what’s possible and what it will take for us to create a sustainable living future? Join me on a…Read More

What Does Earth Know About You?

Author   Category Limitless Living

What does the earth know about you? What does the Earth know about you, personally, that if you allowed yourself to know it, would change everything? What can the Earth gift you that you haven’t been willing to receive? Until… maybe… today. Join me, Gary…Read More

This is OUR Planet

What unique communion do you have with the Earth? And with every living element on the planet? This is our planet. What choice can you make and what can you BE that will change our future and this planet’s future? Now is the space my…Read More

Let’s Play With the Earth

Author   Category Limitless Living

Let’s Play With the Earth! What if you of could start or end your day with a 30-minute recording of playing with the Earth? Join me for an energetic earth exploration with an Energetic Synthesis of Communion (aka an ESC). These 30 minutes allows you…Read More