Magical Places On Earth
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This time I’d like to take you to a truly magical place on in Costa Rica…

El Lugar…

And share with you something beautiful I became aware of about the earth and our connection to it.

This is a Tour of Consciousness I created a few years ago, and yet it is still so relevant today.

Here is your mission, my friend, should you choose to accept it:

1. Go outside and find a tree. It can be small or big, leaf or fir….

2. Feel your feet on the ground and put your hand on your stomach. Be.

3. Now tap into the trees tendrils, it’s roots, that stretch down into the Earth, all the way to its beating heart.

4. And simultaneously reach out with your being, above the trees branches, higher, higher, up in the sky, and beyond, into the universe.


How you be?


P.S. For more videos and tools as I travel around this beautiful planet of ours, please visit my Tour of Consciousness page.

I wonder what else we can all create together as we contribute, engage, and connect with the Earth?