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Open Your Mind To Possibilities

Author   Category Limitless Living

Did you catch my conversation with Gary Douglas during Global Access Bars day?! I’m sharing a short clip here because, well, I just adore that man. Take a listen and tell me what you get out of the conversation… The tagline of Access Consciousness is…Read More

Do You Know How To Choose?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Choice is that moment by moment 10 second increment of possibility, in which you realize that your choice is the beginning of creation. ~ Gary Douglas Did you know that you can teach yourself to choose? Try this tool… Choosing in 10 Second Increments Practice…Read More

Being You Changes Everything

Author   Category Being You

If you have the choice between knowing and thinking, which is faster? Knowing or thinking? Knowing, actually. Thinking is a linear construct of your mind. Knowing is instantaneous! Difficulties arise when you go against your knowing. What if when you are being you, when you…Read More

You’ll Know What To Do

Author   Category Body Talk

It is funny how everything starts with a question.  The Energetic Synthesis of Being came about the moment Gary Douglas stepped into my office for a network chiropractic session.  I was nervous. I knew he was the founder of Access Consciousness, and I really wanted to…Read More