What if you gave your curiosity free reign?

Where is your curiosity? Have you stashed it away, along with your childhood memories?

Recently, I was on the Creative Edge of Consciousness telecall and my good friend and business partner Gary Douglas said this….

Curiosity is part of who you are as a Being…. You’re most curious when you’re most present and most in question.

As a curious kid with a keen awareness of possibility, were you reprimanded or ignored and lied to? If so, you might have stopped asking real questions. Why even bother to ask, if your parents and other adults lied all the time?

“The majority of people can’t be honest with themselves because then they would have no one to blame,” Gary pointed out.

If there was no one to blame and no reason for choosing something that didn’t work out, they would have to admit they chose it.

The question “I would choose this for what reason?” is the curiosity of the question for the creation of possibilities.

This level of honesty allows you to see that every question is about the infinite choices and possibilities you haven’t even acknowledged. What a truly different way of living!

Curious choices

You might think that having a question is a sign of curiosity. The reason you ask a question is to gain more awareness.


Gary also said:

Curiosity does not give you awareness, it gives you choice. Are you willing to be curious enough to have true choice?

Your knowing is only limited by the questions you’re willing to ask and be.

This is the never-ending adventure of awareness. Unlike a race, awareness never ends!

What else is possible now?!

Your friend and question ask-er,


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