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The Choice For Joy

Author   Category Limitless Living

Welcome to a new Tour of Consciousness Revisited! Let’s talk about JOY 🤩 How much have you decided that joy will appear once you have completed or achieved a certain set of things? …That once all the problems and wrongnesses disappear then joy can emerge?…Read More

Your Best Friend Forever

Author   Category Body Talk

How do you usually make friends? Do you tell them how to move? Make them eat things they don’t like? Have sex with people that make them go ” Ehh!”? And judge them continuously for not being beautiful, thin, tall, or strong enough? Well, if…Read More

For the Joy of Living

Author   Category Limitless Living

One of the things I finally come to realize is how very much I like things that go FAST.  Ever notice how fast talk? Yeah, faster than that. It makes my body happy and makes my whole being  go Who-Hooooo! I now have a new…Read More