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Ease In Relationships

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If you’re feeling a sense of disharmony and separation in your love life, the route to fixing things might be easier and shorter than you imagined. Like so many things, it begins with a choice. You’ve chosen to be with your partner, so what if…Read More

Oneness Or Relationships?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Do you realize that any relationship is actually about the distance between two things?  It computes how far away or close are you in relation to this person or thing. Rather than being in oneness, we’re all taught to go into digitized relationships that are…Read More

Intimacy With Ourselves?

In this reality, relationship is one of those places where we seem to choose a lot of insanity! Have you noticed? 😉 By working with people all around the planet, I’ve recognized that one of the missing elements in ALL of our creations, not only…Read More

What Creates More Than Love?

What does saying, “I love you” mean for the relationship? When’s the right time to say it? When’s too soon? Ugh. There is a lot of significance around relationships and romance. And even more significance, and pressure, around the phrase, “I love you.” The expectations and…Read More