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Surviving the Holidays!

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Surviving the Holidays! Feeling Strange AF? It’s not your fault! Recognize that you’re highly aware. Holiday season is like a big game of telephone with billions of people! During this episode of The Possibility Explorer Podcast, I share my favorite tools to have more fun,…Read More

The Possibility Explorer Begins

Do you like waking up happy? Do you like finding pragmatic ways to create something different in life? Do you like Ease? Joy? Fun? Adventure? Welcome to a wonderful meandering journey of possibilities with me!!! Join me on my inaugural podcast of The Possibility Explorer…….Read More

The Possibility Explorer

One of the things I know for sure is we are all far greater than we give ourselves credit for. It’s just that nobody has actually ever seen us. Nobody’s ever really looked into our eyes, seen the gift of that beautiful creature in there,…Read More