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Ease In Relationships

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If you’re feeling a sense of disharmony and separation in your love life, the route to fixing things might be easier and shorter than you imagined. Like so many things, it begins with a choice. You’ve chosen to be with your partner, so what if…Read More

Bringing The Romance Back

Author   Category Limitless Living

I recently was on Breakfast Television Vancouver, and got to talk about how to bring romance back into relationships.  And really, this can be applied any day! Ready to revive the spark in your relationship? Here are some tips that will help you and your partner…Read More

What Creates More Than Love?

What does saying, “I love you” mean for the relationship? When’s the right time to say it? When’s too soon? Ugh. There is a lot of significance around relationships and romance. And even more significance, and pressure, around the phrase, “I love you.” The expectations and…Read More

Myths That Destroy A Relationship

Believing in that “perfect” partner… placing your happiness in someone else’s hands… and trying to force an existing relationship to match some ideal you have in your head destroys your potential for real, lasting love before you can even realize it. It’s actually incredibly destructive to…Read More