The Empowerment of Being Your True Self
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I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Richard Schuster on his The Daily Helping Podcast.

We explored so many things…. including how discovering the tools of Access Consciousness totally changed my life and started me on the trajectory of me being me….

Access gave me the tools to navigate in the trenches of life successfully (on my terms) to change and create anything that I desired.  Learning how to craft and create my life, these tools that I’ve learned made the creation of my life and living so much easier!

And as a result of going on this journey, I realized the missing piece for most people in their lives is truly being them.  When you reconnect with what is true for you and begin to be more of you, every aspect of your life begins to improve. By getting over each of our fixed points of views, we can begin so much dynamic change.

We also discussed a variety of Access tools including the light and heavy tool, questions to ask to create change, and the ‘who does it belong to’ tool, amongst others.

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So what else is possible now that you’ve never considered before? And what if things CAN change? And what if letting go of old points of view that no longer serve you  creates SO MUCH change?

Your difference is such a gift! And when you embrace it, it changes the world. 🙂

Grateful for you!

From me being me,


P.S. To find out more about my Being You book that I mention in the podcast, please visit here. And to find out about my Body Whispering Book, please visit here.

P.S.S. For the full podcast episode, please visit here.

P.S.S. And for additional tools and further exploring right now…

Six videos about the tools I use every single day: