Are You Uncomfortable?
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Most people think that when things get uncomfortable, it is because something is wrong. Very wrong. Big wrong. WRONG in capitals.

The way I see it, is that when we get uncomfortable, it is because things are changing. And I go: YES! Bring it on!

Well, I do mostly.

Sometimes I just go “argghh”!!!!

Like this morning in Costa Rica…

So, when you’re about to crawl out of your skin from all the change going on, maybe consider asking one of these questions?

1) If I know not this, what else is possible?
2) Is this wrong or is it just ….weird?
3) If I don’t have to avoid the uncomfortable anymore, what else would be possible?

Nah. Don’t. Your life may get too easy. And that would be bad! 🙂


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Another possibility for Allowing Change with Ease, You Got This!

What else is possible with the Earth?

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