Unhiding You
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Hi to all the parts of you that you think are dark, must be hidden, or are not acceptable.

Hi to ALL the parts of us!

May you be free to be as brilliant, as spacious, as beautiful, and as grateful for you and our world as you truly be.

Think of that thing that you have as the wrongness and badness of you, and bring it to the light.

What I’m trying to present here is an energy and a space of unhiding those parts and pieces of you that you have judged as wrong.

Join me as I discuss this further and go on a journey of this energy of unhiding….

That is the way the earth cradles us.
What if we would allow that space for us and with us?

Everything that has been labeled as evil by this reality is truly the light that you bring to this world. And I thank you for being that.

What else is possible as we each unhide us, and reveal to the world our greatness?!

This may be the beginning of a major shift in our world and our world’s reality.

Now is the space.

Grateful for you,


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