What Is Choice?
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What is choice?

Well, that’s the biggest AND most simple conversation. 😉

Here’s my tip for you: If you truly desire choice in your life, learn to follow the energy. But, here’s a trick: the energy is not outside of you somewhere in the world. YOU are the energy, while perceiving the energy.

It is your engagement with the energy that gives you the awareness that you require that will allow you to choose and change anything. And there isn’t one of you that doesn’t have this available.

You just have to be willing to go beyond your mind, beyond thinking; and travel into the adventure of following the energy, following your intuition, and knowing.

I know, most of us have been taught the choice IS about thinking and looking at all of the pros and cons of a situation. But, true choice, as in looking at all of the possibilities available, is so far beyond this.

Join me as I discuss this further here….

Your choice is vital to you creating the life and world you truly desire.

And if you were to play with choice and the possibilities involved with choice, what else would be possible?!

Excited for you and your choices,


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