What Creates the Future?
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Your choice creates the future.

You make a choice today and the future gets created by that choice. Each choice creates a cobweb of possibilities.

Every time you choose something, at least ten different possibilities open up. From those possibilities, you have a minimum of ten choices. If you choose again, another ten possibilities open up. Each choice slowly but surely leads you to the future you are capable of being.

You may think “processing” creates your future. It doesn’t. Processing erases your past, but it does not create your future. Your choice creates your future.

You’ve got to choose, choose, choose, before you lose, lose, lose.

What if you ask these questions?

  • What’s this choice going to create?
  • What future are you capable of, that you don’t even know you’re capable of?
  • And, what if the target of your life was to have fun, to be present and to experience every moment to the fullest?

This has been a small reminder of the gift of choice from Beyond the Utopian Ideals, by Gary Douglas.

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What else is possible now?! And what choice can you choose next to create your future?


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