A Great Way To Get YOU Moving

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Do you know a really good way to get YOU to do something?

Let me show you…


You can’t read this email!
You’re not allowed!
Stop reading!
I forbid you to read this email!

What happens? Well…you’re still reading, right?

I know it is a silly example and it actually works ON ALMOST EVERYTHING! Just exchange the part that says ”read this email” for ”go for a run” or ”make money” and see what the little voice inside you says.

I bet it is something more like… ”F—k you, I can too!” or ”Try stopping me!” or ”Watch me!” (You may however put it more nicely than I do… :-))

So what creates this, you say? The reason is that YOU, my friend, function best from choice, and not at all well from being told what to do or having to do anything by necessity.

That is what this video is about!

Now, go forth and start CHOOSING your life every darn ten seconds! But don’t have any fun! 😉


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