What If You Are Magic?
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What if you are magic?


Let’s go back to the very beginning of the ESB, The Energetic Synthesis of Being….

The ESB started as me, at the back of Gary Douglas’s classes, with my trusty massage table, doing energy work on those who felt called to participate. Now, the Energetic Synthesis of Being is a multi-day class that has changed thousands of lives around the world.

ESB empowers you to use that magic you had as a little kid – that natural ability to connect with the energy of the world around you and use your imagination to create anything you want!

Only this time, it’s creating the LIFE you want.

ESB empowers you to start receiving from the universe, while also understanding that there is nothing wrong with you. You are truly free to be YOU, and not hide your differences or what you think may be “wrong” about you.

ESB may have started small, but it was always meant to be big – because…

When we empower people to have awareness about the possibilities of energy and creation, the world changes!

What would it create for you to be more of the magic you be?

Acknowledging your magic,


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