What Is Right About This I'm Not Getting?
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The world is changing. And right now, that change seems to be showing up in ways that are not always easy to have an allowance for — war, hate, lies, floods, and fires. It is so easy to go into the wrongness of it all. To buy that the world is going to hell in a wastebasket. This is one of the times when USING the tools of consciousness is crucial. (And it will also make your life much easier!)

Why?  Well, your point of view creates reality.  So whatever goes on, the point of view you choose, will be part of creating what comes next — the future.

What if you started to ask: What is right about this that I am not getting?

Come along to Oz for this installment of the Tour of Consciousness, and I will tell you more…

Keep with you the question: What is right about this that I am not getting?

What else is possible?


What else could you add to your life? What would you like to change?
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