What is Right About You that You Are Not Getting?
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Twenty years ago, I wanted to die. Desperately. No one knew. Except me. No one even suspected. From the outside looking in, everything looked fine. And yet, I was miserable.

One day I woke up and decided, “That’s it! I am done. I am not doing this anymore.” I told the universe, “I am out of here! You have 6 months to change something or I am killing myself.” I meant every word I said. I set the date. I made the plan. Six months from that date, if nothing had changed, I was ending it all.

Apparently, my demand was heard. I asked for change. Little did I know that literally everything was about to change. And even less did I know how it would show up.

Twenty years later, I am still here on the planet. Not only am I alive, but every day is an adventure! Every day I wake up and choose to be more of me. Well, most days! I still have cranky ones and times when I wake up with a sense of wrongness. But now I know I have the tools to change it. I know that something else is possible. And I know that under all that crankiness is a happy being — me.

Here are two of the many tools that began to create change for me…



What would be possible for you and for the world if you never made you wrong again? Would your life get better? When your life gets better, will you create more? When you create more, does the world get better?

If judging you is something you do on a daily basis, one way you can stop is to ask this question, “What is right about me that I am not getting?” It is not about looking for what is right about as in creating a list of positive judgments. It is about finding gratitude for you, for what you are that you may have never acknowledged.


#2 – Ask: ‘Is this mine?’

This is about realizing that you are very, very aware of everyone around you, and of their judgements. You’re like a big psychic radio receiver picking up feelings, thoughts, and emotions from everyone around you! Here is the issue: 99% of the time those judgments are not yours! They belong to someone else — which means you can not change them! When you ask ‘Is this mine?’ for every judgment that comes up, if your world lightens up just a little bit, it isn’t yours. Let it go, return it to the sender with consciousness (you don’t need to know who it is) and choose something different.

What if you could begin to have massive change in your life? And what if it could start with asking these questions?

Grateful for you,


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