What Is Up With ... Choice?

I noticed that just the word CHOICE sometimes makes people cringe.

People say, “I can’t choose… I don’t want to choose…. Why do I have to choose?…Please, please, please choose for me!”

Weirdly enough, most people don’t understand what choice truly is.  And yet, the willingness to choose is the beginning to committing to your own living!

It is what is required to be the leader of your own life. It is the beginning of you having the relationships you are looking for, the financial situation you desire and the sex you have been longing for!

( Am I getting your attention now?)

It is the beginning of you being you and changing the world.

Join me as I discuss this further…

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa all had something in common… They were leaders who were willing to be the invitation that changed the history of our world. What makes them different? One, their willingness to choose. And two, their willingness to be something completely different.

My friend, what if you are the difference this planet requires? And what if now is the time for you to choose stepping up?

Grateful for you,


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