Having Allowance and Awareness

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You know those days when everyone and everything just ANNOYS you?

Well, what if I told you that on your quest for increased awareness, you’ll have a LOT OF days like that; irky, irritated and CRANKY!

(Consciousness is not for sissies!)

When your awareness exceeds your allowance, things can get very, very uncomfortable. Trust me, I have lots of personal experience. 🙂

Here comes the million dollar question; knowing that, will you still keep going?

Are you ready to take on the cranky-pant-days for the amazing level of peace, clarity and possibility that lays beyond?

If yes, let me give you some tools that might make it easier.

Come along to a sunny balcony in beautiful Roma.

What would it take for your allowance to increase a god zillion times*…..right now?

Just saying!


* God Zillion, a number so high only God Knows. 🙂

PS – Have you seen the video about Interesting Point of View Tool? Here you go!