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Depression & Anxiety

A World of Wonders

When I was in Venice, Italy this spring I was full of awe and gratitude for the amazingly beautiful world we live in. A world of wonders. How did we get so lucky? During one lunch-break, I took a tour with a gondola and my camera,…Read More

Use the tools, Luke!

Do you ever wake up feeling like an elephant is sitting on your head? You know when things sometimes get a bit wonky and contracted and…arghhhh? The times you go; ‘Darn, I lost it! I lost all that peace and space and sense of possibility that I…Read More

Joy or Struggle?

Have you ever wanted to kill yourself?  I have – and well, as you can see, I didn’t!  What is beyond struggling and hating your life?  Would you be willing to consider the possibility of a lot more joy?  What if you could go back…Read More