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Access Bars With Dain Heer!

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I’m so excited…. Because I’m facilitating something that literally saved my life. Join me and Ace as we talk about this further…. There is a peace and relaxation possible for everyone in the world, and in receiving a simple process for bodies, called Access Bars…….Read More

What Enthuses You?

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This greeting comes to you from the roof-tops of beautiful Roma, Italy… I wanted to tell you about something I recently discovered: the difference between functioning from excitement and enthusiasm. This awareness has created a space of joy in me that I desired you all…Read More

What A Magical Day

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Some days are not like others… Some days are phenomenal, magical and wondrous!!! January 6th, 2014 was one of those: The Very First Global Access Bars day! Join a revisiting of the first Global Access Bars day in anticipation for the next Global Bars Day…Read More

Global Access Bars Day!

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year… The Global Bars Day! Twenty-four magic hours when tens of thousands of people are running bars simultaneously, all around the Earth. So what would it take for you to have your bars run tomorrow? For…Read More

Making The Choice To Live

I had the pleasure of speaking with Fox 26 News Houston earlier this fall.  We discussed tips for overcoming depression and developing gratitude for being alive. As many of you know, 19 years ago, I set a date to end my life.  I’m so grateful…Read More