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Creating with The Earth

Creating with The Earth What is truly possible when we choose to live in communion with nature and the Earth, instead of in conflict with it?  Recently, Gary and I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Earth Heroes TV channel on the topic…Read More

What is Consciousness?

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Enjoy this replay from last year’s Global Access Bars Day in 2021! So what actually is consciousness? Consciousness is where the lightness of your awareness, the lightness of your choice, the lightness of your difference, shines so brightly that the world can no longer live…Read More

Surviving the Holidays!

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Surviving the Holidays! Feeling Strange AF? It’s not your fault! Recognize that you’re highly aware. Holiday season is like a big game of telephone with billions of people! During this episode of The Possibility Explorer Podcast, I share my favorite tools to have more fun,…Read More