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New Path To Freedom

Author   Category Limitless Living

We have some hot-off-the-press-freedom-creating questions for you to play with. Write them down, have them in your world, and you can use them for almost everything. And be warned, these questions may induce massive change. You wouldn’t desire that though… 😉 Whenever you have a…Read More

Avoiding Greatness?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Have you noticed how brilliant we are at finding ways to shoot ourselves in the foot? Again. And then again! 🙂 I have! And we’ve just come across a whole new artillery that we’ve been using all our lives! In short: What are you avoiding?…Read More

Nothing To Defend

Author   Category Limitless Living

This past week I’ve had the honor exploring in depth something I’ve been aiming for my whole life… Being me with no defenses. No barriers. No need to explain or justify ANYTHING, while receiving everything. And what is showing up is the space of awareness,…Read More

No More Defending

Author   Category Being You

How much of your life have you been defending for or against something? I know…. Pretty much all the darn time, right?!?! Now, just tap into the energy if you didn’t have to defend for or against ever again? Not when it comes to your…Read More