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never give up

Not Alone

Author   Category Limitless Living

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder how you are going to make it through the day? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with sadness, depression, anxiety or loneliness that you sometimes ask, “What’s the use? Is this all there is to…Read More

Turning Points

Author   Category Limitless Living

I appeared to have it all… The perfect fiancée, two successful chiropractic practices, and a beautiful home… Yet none of this made me happy, and inside of me, there was a big, black, bottomless hole. Unable to find a way out, I gave the universe…Read More

The Choice To Live

Author   Category Limitless Living

I had the pleasure of speaking with Fox 26 News Houston a while back.  We discussed tips for overcoming depression and developing gratitude for being alive. As many of you know, 24 years ago, I set a date to end my life.  I’m so grateful…Read More

Two More Steps

Author   Category Limitless Living

When I was a child and my parents would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would simply say that I wanted to be happy….Then I got to this place, 18 years ago, where I hadn’t been happy for almost three…Read More

My Story Of Being Me

Author   Category Being You

What is it you’ve always hoped somebody would invite you to? In this video I would like to tell you my story, with the hope that these tools can contribute a different possibility to you like they once gifted (and keep gifting) to me. Please…Read More