The Choice To Live
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I had the pleasure of speaking with Fox 26 News Houston a while back.  We discussed tips for overcoming depression and developing gratitude for being alive.

As many of you know, 24 years ago, I set a date to end my life.  I’m so grateful I found these tools and the Access Consciousness Bars® that started to change everything. Please join me as I discuss changing depression and suicidal thoughts on this segment.

What else is possible for all of us with creating a different future?

Never give up. Never give in. Take two more steps… So much can change.


P.S. Please know there is hope. There is always hope. You are far too valuable to the world. 24 years ago, I made a choice to stay and it was the greatest choice I could have ever made. The tools and help are available to change everything.  For more information and tools I’ve used, please check out my free email series on suicide awareness at

You are not alone.