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Overwhelmed and No Momentum?

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Have you been feeling overwhelmed and living a life that lacks momentum? What if feeling overwhelmed is actually a sign that you don’t have enough going on in your life? There are times in our life where making a counter-intuitive choice can actually have the…Read More

Stop the Judgment and Self-Criticism

Judgment is killing you. As well as creating negative feelings, judgment affects your physical wellbeing in very real ways; inducing depression, anxiety and disease. Judgment is an inherited habit, not a natural human attribute. We came into this world wide-eyed with wonder, and accepting of…Read More

End the Overwhelm

There are a number of times in life where sometimes making an almost counter-intuitive choice can actually change things for the better.  Overwhelm would be one of those times, and here’s why. Most of the times we think we are experiencing a sense of overwhelm,…Read More