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5 Tips To Creating An Epic Life

Author   Category Limitless Living

Welcome back to the Possibility Explorer!  It is a pleasure to have you here. And happy 2022! During this episode, I share a few essential life hacks for more happiness, ease and possibility. And, what better time than the beginning of 2022 for some tips…Read More

The Relaxation of Speed

Author   Category Limitless Living

Have you slowed down? When there is stress and uncertain times people tend to sloooowwww down. What if fast is more natural for you? Let’s get you moving again, bring more lightness to your world, and get this new year started with more peace, ease,…Read More

The Tree Is Back Again!

Not sure if you’ve noticed but most people live in a weird, weird world during the holidays. Now…that is NOT YOUR WORLD. Or rather, it doesn’t have to be, because YOU HAVE TOOLS. (Hurray!) This installment of the Tour of Consciousness is a mini-reminder of…Read More

Experience & Choose You Today

Author   Category Being You

You can’t be talked into being you — you can only experience it. And choose it. My suggestion: Experience it more! How many experiences can you have that connect you with your being? That puts a smile on your face and makes you come alive!…Read More