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What Capacity Do I Have Here?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Most of you know the ‘Who Does This Belong To?’ tool, right? (If not, please go here. It is an amazing tool that everyone should have available!) Now, sometimes when you use this amazing tool, does the CRAP STILL HANG AROUND? Yes? Arghhh!!?!!?!??! Well, I’d…Read More

An ADHD 15-Minute Walkabout!

Author   Category Limitless Living

Join me for A Dain Heer Discovery! (Omg, that’s ADHD! How does it get better?!)…. Where I digress from my digression about digressing 😉 I actually wonder if anything I say isn’t a digression… 😆 Anyways…let’s digress! What if the way that you create, and…Read More


Author   Category Limitless Living

I’m revisiting an old Tour of Consciousness from my past travels to talk about these different tools again! Yay! This is my second Tour of Consciousness installment on my quest to show you that you are indeed miraculous! This time from the Holy Land…Israel. Now,…Read More

More Ease Joy and Glory!

There is a brand new space of ease, joy and glory that is available now that has never been available before. And as that space of creation continues to increase exponentially, it also creates a big ARGHHH in the people around us who would much…Read More

Nothing To Defend

Author   Category Limitless Living

This past week I’ve had the honor exploring in depth something I’ve been aiming for my whole life… Being me with no defenses. No barriers. No need to explain or justify ANYTHING, while receiving everything. And what is showing up is the space of awareness,…Read More