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What would nurture your body today?

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Would you like to meet one of my best friends? His name is Playboy…and he runs like the wind. Once again, this guy taught me something that I wasn’t able to get to on my own. He had to show me. Come along, we’re going to beautiful…Read More

Running Naked Again

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It is time for a game-changer again! And yes, I am exploring it running naked through the streets of Stockholm! This is not one to be missed! Are you ready? Go here for the video: With every step that hit the pavement, I am letting…Read More

Running with the Universe #4

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I’ve been out running again, with the universe right beside me, as usual. I say… do it! Run! Especially if you’re in a crappy mood! Well, you don’t have to actually run. You could walk, swim, dance, skit, bungy-jump…with the universe. The key is moving…Read More

What is The Symphony of Possibilities?

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You may know I’ve had the great fortune of exploring this amazing capacity to invite change in people lives, bodies and universes with a flick my hands. I’ve called it The Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB) and it is a whole universe of energies that I don’t claim to understand, that expands…Read More