Being Your True Beauty
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I see beautiful people everywhere… that don’t even know it because they don’t fit the image of beauty. Simultaneously, so many people force their bodies to look a certain way without any semblance of joy. There are so many judgments that come up around the size and look of our bodies, but it’s all judgment.

Really, what is wonderful is to be around someone who loves their body and loves having a body, no matter what it looks like.  Weird, huh? Did you even realize people like that existed?  Please know, there’s nothing wrong with desiring to look pretty.  AND, here’s the thing…..what everyone else calls beauty is usually based on judgment.

True beauty comes from the being.

The first thing to recognize is that the world has an image (or a million), and that most people have a particular type they like for whatever reason and that’s ok.  It’s when you try to fit into someone else’s box of judgment that it can get really….not lovely.

You, my beautiful friend, are an infinite being.

You chose to come to this planet, and create your magical body in this lifetime.  Our being is undefinable, expansive, magical and totally beyond this reality….and totally beyond it’s need for validation through other’s judgments.

What could you create with your body if you recognized that?

Let me ask you this: Is there a perfect image you are trying to achieve with your body that is not possible because it is based on judgment and cannot be overcome? And how much of it isn’t even yours?

And what if you asked:

What is the beauty I am as a being, and how would my body like to express that?

Remember, your body can be your best friend on Earth.

Your relationship with your body can be greater and more miraculous than you ever thought possible.

And from my point of view, NOW IS THE TIME.


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