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The Mighty Receiver

In this series, I’ve often talked about the phenomenal gifting and receiving that is possible with horses, trees, plants, birds, rivers, mountains, butterflies and rain…. All that, and every single living molecule on this vibratingly beautiful planet of ours. But what about inanimate objects? Like…Read More

Undefining You

Author   Category Limitless Living

I am not even going to try to put words to this one… Just come along to Munich and let me invite you to start to de-solidify all those places in your life that you’ve so far set in stone. Your choice of course. I…Read More

Choosing Gratitude

Author   Category Being You

The End of the BLEH-Day… Do you know what BLEH-day is? Well, it kind of the opposite of a wow-day… It is one of those days when nothing really seems right, good or even slightly enjoyable. Everything is just a bit off and…BLEH!   But here is…Read More

What Could You Change With Your Body?

Author   Category Body Talk

Are there things with your body you would like to change? Or even have tried to  change for a very, very long time…without success?  What if it is your fixed points of view that are actually creating everything about your body that you can not…Read More