Being You With No Judgment 

Being You With No Judgment

When you truly get to be you, you don’t have to make you wrong for the wonderful things that are the differences of you…

Instead, you get to embrace them and recognize that they are a contribution.

You also don’t try to judge other people’s differences.

You actually embrace those as a contribution they can be even when they are different from what your point of view is.

The other thing that goes away when you are truly being you is judgment.


If you were truly being you, would you ever consider yourself wrong for anything you chose?

And, if you’re not judging you, the most interesting thing is, you don’t judge anybody else either.

Because why would you take the energy to make someone else wrong, when instead you could create a possibility rather than using all of that energy to judge?

If you would like to deep-dive into even more topics like this, we just celebrated the third annual International Being You Day!

A day celebrated May 22 annually by people all over the world, exploring and discovering the gift of their unique differences!

And you can watch the full replay of the 12-hour event on YouTube here:

What would this world look like, and how could it be different if we all had the freedom to truly BE?

Enjoy finding out!



How does it get any better than that?