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Unlocking The Pretense

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You know when you’re a teenager and you pretend you don’t care and that things don’t matter at all when really, to you, they REALLY REALLY DO! Now, when you get into your 20s, you’re over all that, right? Sure you are…. At that age,…Read More

If you had no past…

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  What if you started to treat people the way you should have been treated, not the way you were treated? Would that in any way change the way you be in the world? Just look at it for a moment… If you had no…Read More

If You Had No Past, Who Would You Be?

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If you had no past, who would you be? Now, asking that question in Rome, Italy, may seem next to rude…and yet it is so relevant! Somehow history is more present here than anywhere else. It walks along side with you, wherever you’re heading in…Read More

The Happy Holidays

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It is that time of year again…with glitter and family and expectations and singing and St. Clauses and shopping and turkey and pie and invisible jingle-bells on eternal loop. The Happy Holidays. How did we get so lucky to have this yearly test of our…Read More

The Gift of Gratitude by Dr Dain Heer

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The Gift of Gratitude What if gratitude were the new paradigm? You can’t have gratitude and judgment at the same time. You can either be grateful or have judgment: they don’t co-exist. Which would you like to choose? What is truly great about that is…Read More

Finding the Energy of You

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(This post was originally created on the Mystic Journey Bookstore Website) If no one ever teaches you how to be, how can you step into an awareness of what it’s like to be you? One thing that can assist is to look for times in…Read More

Valuing Your Being Over Your Mind

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What if judgment does not have to create our reality anymore?  Strangely enough, when we stop our mind controlling everything, we finally have space and the possibility for a whole new reality to show up. You the being are far greater than your mind can…Read More