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being you changing the world

What if we ARE the world?

When a devastating event occurs in our world, like the recent shootings in Connecticut, or when something tragic occurs in your own life…that’s when these tools I share with you are beyond helpful. What are the tools of Access Consciousness for, if not to use…Read More

The Happy Holidays

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It is that time of year again…with glitter and family and expectations and singing and St. Clauses and shopping and turkey and pie and invisible jingle-bells on eternal loop. The Happy Holidays. How did we get so lucky to have this yearly test of our…Read More

Finding the Energy of You

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(This post was originally created on the Mystic Journey Bookstore Website) If no one ever teaches you how to be, how can you step into an awareness of what it’s like to be you? One thing that can assist is to look for times in…Read More