A Survival Kit For the Holidays
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This is my survival guide for any frigging holiday. 

Be warned; it is quite long!

Now, for some of you Christmas is upon you right now. If so, these tools may be intensely relevant.

For some of you Christmas means absolutely NOTHING.

However, even if Christmas is not yours, your culture’s or country’s thing, well…

1) You could possibly be aware of some other places where the craziness of Christmas is going on right now?
2) You may have some other times of the year when you celebrate something as significant as Christmas — like Vasanta, Ramadan, Yom Kippur, Diwali, Cinco de Mayo, Hanukkah….

Basic starting point – independently on culture, religion or nationality; as soon as you get back to your reality, what is actually true for you, you start lightening up!

If you have around 16 min, watch this video! And if makes you lighter, save the link to this video somewhere.

Then just re-watch it whenever it is required in YOUR LIFE.

Are you ready to stop suffering the holidays and start taking the lead on creating something different?

You, being you, is LIGHT — a bright twinkling Christmas sparkle!


PS. Do you know what the Clearing Statement is? Otherwise, check out this video!
PS.2. Here is the playlist for the Who Does This Belong to Tool.
PS.3. Here is the playlist for getting out of the Holiday Blues from the last couple of years!