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What is The Symphony of Possibilities?

Author   Category Body Talk

You may know I’ve had the great fortune of exploring this amazing capacity to invite change in people lives, bodies and universes with a flick my hands. I’ve called it The Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB) and it is a whole universe of energies that I don’t claim to understand, that expands…Read More

Use the tools, Luke!

Do you ever wake up feeling like an elephant is sitting on your head? You know when things sometimes get a bit wonky and contracted and…arghhhh? The times you go; ‘Darn, I lost it! I lost all that peace and space and sense of possibility that I…Read More

If you had no past…

Author   Category Being You

  What if you started to treat people the way you should have been treated, not the way you were treated? Would that in any way change the way you be in the world? Just look at it for a moment… If you had no…Read More

If You Had No Past, Who Would You Be?

Author   Category Being You

If you had no past, who would you be? Now, asking that question in Rome, Italy, may seem next to rude…and yet it is so relevant! Somehow history is more present here than anywhere else. It walks along side with you, wherever you’re heading in…Read More