Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
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If you have experienced abuse and you have made it through it, you have a tremendous level of courage and potency within you. People who have made it through abuse and are still going, have immense courage and immense strength. I can’t say this enough. Breaking the cycle of abuse isn’t easy; however, there are so many tools out there to change this.

Earlier this year, I discussed this very subject with Freddie Kimmel on the podcast Beautifully Broken.  As Freddie stated in the introduction:

“Dain Heer very candidly steps into the Beautifully Broken spotlight to discuss breaking the cycle of abuse. It was not long ago that this massive social influencer and world-renowned speaker sketched out a timeline for his own suicide and made careful plans to pull the trigger. His discovery of the Access Consciousness method allowed him to truly heal traumatic abuse suffered as a child and completely redirected his life.

“Originally raised in the ghettos of Los Angeles and trained as a chiropractor, Dr. Dain Heer is also the co-founder of a diverse range of businesses around the world. A conscious and creative thought leader with a profound understanding of the power of personal creation, Dr. Heer draws upon his background and unique perspective to facilitate positive change in the world, and empower people from every culture, country, age and social strata to create the money, relationships and life they truly desire. This wide-ranging, engaging, and authentic conversation will help you tap into your consciousness in a way you never dreamed possible and may bring the healing in your life you seek. Do not miss this episode!”


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