Have You Always Been Different?
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Ever since I was born, I have been different.

As a kid, I had so much energy that my face would twitch. I would run around in circles, and there was absolutely no way I could fit in as the only person of my kind growing up in the ghetto!

Have you always been different? What if being different and being weird is a gift?

One of my asks for this year is to contribute as many things as possible to pop open people’s worlds to what you, and what we, are truly capable of.

I have a new year long program starting soon – for the weirdos (that’s us :-)), the different ones, the dreamers, the ones that know something else is possible, for you and the world.

Would you like to join me?

Check out my new video where I talk more about this below!


Is now the time to acknowledge and BE the tornado, that meets a unicorn, that meets a volcano, that meets the undefinable universe … beyond this reality … you truly be?

If you get a yes, we start March 8th! For all those detail things about what will be coming your way, click HERE.

It will be unique, and undefined, and a space of something wonderful….

Sound kinda like you?

Let’s stay weird. Together!