How To Inspire Right Now

I totally get it is much easier to align and agree with the doom and gloom and sense of catastrophe. Or resist and react and dismiss everything as humbug and conspiracy theories!

What if there is an entirely different possibility?

What if you BE that different possibility?

And what if you have a whole set of tools and a darn big beautiful Earth to support your?

What if you, being the lightness you truly be, are the inspiration this world requires RIGHT NOW?

Just asking.

And I could be wrong! 🙂

PS. Some of the tools I mention!

– Connecting With The Earth:

– Who Does This Belong To? This tool has a whole playlist, go here to dive in.

-For the 14-day program I mentioned in this video, please visit here!

P.S.S. For even more tools, please visit my YouTube page here, and my Tour of Consciousness page here.

P.S.S.S. It almost looks like pssst! 😉

I’m also super happy to announce, I launched an audio series (available via app) that’s filled with mini classes/tools that you can take anywhere called “You Got This!” For more information, I’d love to invite you to this page. What else is possible now and next?!