Speeding Up The Holidaze
Author   Category Limitless Living

If you live in a part of the world that celebrates Christmas — or any other holiday this time of year– good on you! Welcome to one of the most interesting times of the year for the acutely aware! 🙂

This is my holiday greeting to you – and to anyone who sometimes comes across a holiday in their life and culture, whatever you may call them…

Alas, we’re off to visit the big, big sparkly tree with the tiny angel on top! And we’re going to take a dip in a pool of ease and enjoy a healthy scoop of your reality while we’re at it.

So, what if, in the face of everything you are aware of, you could speed things up instead of slow them down? And what if you not slowing you down is what creates EASE and SPACE for you? Weird, I know.

What if you didn’t have to control anything?

And what if that is way more you being you, Speedy Gonzales?

Happy holidaze,
Dain, aka The Flash

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