The Baseline of Space by Dr Dain Heer
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What is the Baseline of Space?

outer-space-planetsSometimes change can seem really uncomfortable.

When you step into something you’ve been asking for that’s different than where you’ve been, it can get really uncomfortable.

As you grow and expand, your “baseline of space” changes dynamically. Now, what do I mean by that?

I’ll do my best to explain here, but you’re probably just going to watch the video!

Anyway — the space you occupy grows and grows… and have you ever had that moment where something happens and then you contract your energy right back to where you started? And then you think, “Oh man, I’ve just lost everything, I’m right back to where I began!”

Well, what if that’s not really true? What if you’ve just contracted that little bit (that feels like a whole lot) into a space that’s still wayyy bigger than you’ve ever been in your whole life?

Okay, so maybe that didn’t make any sense at all, so hopefully the video does a better job!

So here’s the tool for today:

“What invention are you using to create the space of contraction of being you are choosing?”

Ask that, and run The Clearing Statement like I did in the video.


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