What amazing wonders does this earth hold?

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Hi Earthling!

How much peace, ease, and communion could you have with the Earth?

I filmed this Tour of Consciousness from Tel Aviv on Earth Day –  a day to celebrate the Earth! It is funny to me…we have this beautiful planet that we walk, run, roll and dance on 365 days a year. And out of those 365 days, we dedicate 24 tiny little hours to honour this spinning green and blue orb we’ve been given.

What if you never seized to be amazed by the wonders of this world?

What if you never again took our planet for granted?

What is every day was Earth Day — to you?

Come along with me, to 420 meters below sea level — and behold! 🙂


P.S. For more Tour of Consciousness videos from my travels around this beautiful planet, please go to http://www.tourofconsciousness.com.

Grateful for you and for this beautiful earth!