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Avoiding Greatness?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Have you noticed how brilliant we are at finding ways to shoot ourselves in the foot? Again. And then again! 🙂 I have! And we’ve just come across a whole new artillery that we’ve been using all our lives! In short: What are you avoiding?…Read More

Your Image?

Author   Category Limitless Living

I know, it’s been a while… And no, my Tour bus did not break down. It has been running like crazy, taking me to on all kinds of new adventures in creation-land! Anyhow – I AM BACK! And I would like to explore one of…Read More

How To Stop Being Disappointed

Author   Category Limitless Living

Hold on kids, the magic carpet is taking off… We’re going on a little ride of awareness! Are you ready to venture into the mysterious realms of transactional realities? And, how about hidden agendas? (Oh noooo…🙈 Do we have to?!) The reality is, folks, that…Read More

Chaos & Creation

You know how once in a while something comes along that changes your entire life? I mean…REALLY CHANGES your entire life? Do you notice how it’s often a surprise when it happens but totally unmistakeable after the fact? This may just be one of those…Read More

Getting What You Desire?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Do you ever have a sense that you’re not getting what you desire? That things are just not fair? Even if you don’t want to say it out loud! 🙂 How much of what you’ve chosen in life has been a transaction – an exchange…Read More

The Global ESC

What would be possible if you didn’t have to feel contracted, compressed or at the effect of the world around you anymore? What would your life be like if you had a sense of space and peace wherever you are? No matter where you are…Read More

A Judgment Free Day?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Here’s your invitation to a judgement-free day! How does that work? Join me as I discuss that further here… What if you could have a whole day free of judgements? How amazing would that be? For one whole day…. Grateful for you and your amazing…Read More