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energetic synthesis of being

What Energy Can You Bring?

Author   Category Limitless Living

For the past few years, a small film team has been following me around…They’ve talked to people about what energy is and how they experience the modality for energetic transformation that I’ve developed, The Energetic Synthesis of Being (The ESB). Now we invite you to…Read More

Simultaneous Synthesis

Author   Category Limitless Living

2020 and 2021 were the perfect storm of two years where all of these things came together simultaneously and drastically shifted life on the planet collectively. My sense is that it all came together like that and is rippling out in such a way because…Read More

Are You A Rowdy Warrior Of Consciousness?

Author   Category Being You

If you knew how truly beautiful this world could be, is there anything that you would ever again allow to stop you from creating? If you knew that when you needed it most, you could simply ask and receive whatever information or contribution required…. Would…Read More

What Do You Know?

Author   Category Limitless Living

What if what you know is an energy? A whisper? Or at least, it starts as a whisper… And then, if you allow it and invite it to, it will grow. This I know: We are far greater than the magic of this reality We…Read More

Discover the Energy You Be

Author   Category Limitless Living

What if everything is energy? Everything… What we choose, create and change in and as our lives? Everything… What we avoid, defend, and buy as real when it isn’t? Everything… The way we relate to everyone, the world, and most of all, ourselves? What if…Read More

Coming To Brazil!

Author   Category Limitless Living

Guess who is finally coming to Brazil in July? Yes! It’s me!!! And I’m so excited. (How does it get any better than that?) Would you like to join the adventure? 🙂 There are two possibilities, both in Rio de Janeiro: ➜ July 2-4 Energetic…Read More

30 Days of ESB

Author   Category Limitless Living

There are no words for what is upcoming … I started doing these things called “Big ESB Sessions” where we get together, everyone puts in their ASK, and the contribution from all of us opens up more and more space! It’s been truly phenomenal. After…Read More