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Expanding and Embracing

I’m so grateful for my conversation with Amrit on his Inspired Evolution Podcast, where we discussed expanding and embracing openness, creating dynamic change in life, going past judgements and so much more! We are the only ones who have the capacity to create a different…Read More

A Message To Your Younger Self

Discover, celebrate and explore International Being You Day with us! We asked people what they would say to their younger self… What would you say? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned throughout the entire month of May, new videos celebrating each of…Read More

Have You Laughed Today?

Author   Category Limitless Living

What is laughter – really? What makes you laugh? What happens in you and your body when you laugh? What if laughter is one of the quickest ways out of judgment and into you? Welcome to this latest installment of the Tour of Consciousness, from…Read More

Supercharge Your Consciousness

Author   Category Limitless Living

Judgment is the biggest killer on the planet… Especially the judgment of ourselves. What if you could supercharge your consciousness and let go of judgement? Join us as we discuss this further… Twenty-one years ago, I was on the verge of killing himself because I…Read More

What Can Change Everything?

Author   Category Being You

If you have the choice between knowing and thinking, which is faster? Knowing or thinking? Knowing, actually. Thinking is a linear construct of your mind. Knowing is instantaneous! The only time difficulties arise is when you go against your knowing. What if when you are…Read More