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The Way of The Possible

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When you wake up in the morning, what do you first think of… Problems or possibilities? What if that sets you on the path for the rest of your day? And what if you could actually choose which of the two p’s to navigate from?…Read More

Myths That Destroy Relationships

Believing in that “perfect” partner… placing your happiness in someone else’s hands… and trying to force an existing relationship to match some ideal you have in your head destroys your potential for real, lasting love before you can even realize it. It’s actually incredibly destructive to…Read More

Out of Struggle & Into Happiness

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How can we be happy year round, including the holidays? The 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Seasons are times of festivities, decorations and social outings; but it is also a time of heightened stress and loneliness. Studies show that 71% of…Read More

Escaping Perfectionism

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No matter how long you’ve been stuck in the perfection trap, you can change it. Our preoccupation with the idea of ‘perfection’ is extremely damaging. Perfectionism puts us in a constant state of judgment; always trying to be good enough while believing that we are…Read More


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Here’s an exhilarating quickie for you and your body – from the lush and luminous rainforest of Costa Rica! Are you ready to have your heart dance from excitement?! 😉 So, my friend, would you be willing to have your heart dance from excitement and…Read More

Tumultuous Times?

What if the tumultuous events around the world are a call to action? For all of us. What if now is the time to step up even MORE? The insanity of the world just seems to be growing… I know, I agree. It is…everywhere. And…Read More