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Do you sometimes think that you’re tired? Like … REALLY TIRED! Yep, me too. I have a lot going on.  There are so many reasons and justifications for me being tired that it nearly has to be true, for me to exist in this reality…….Read More

What Are You Waiting For Today?

Author   Category Limitless Living

I don’t know about you…but I am VERY impatient. I want the change I am asking for to occur instantaneously — or preferably, yesterday. And yet, I still often find myself in “wait-mode”… What do I mean? Come along to Sao Paolo, Brazil and find…Read More

Having Fun With Judgment

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This Tour of Consciousness is about how to have fun with judgments! This is probably the longest of installments in this series EVER! I just really desired to create more clarity and ease in this area for all of you. For me personally, getting over…Read More

Being Uniquely You

Author   Category Being You

Have you ever defined yourself by an image, or based on categories or job titles and responsibilities? No need to hide… we’ve ALL done it. In fact, how often do we make those definitions significant to find value in who we are? Ready for my…Read More

You Always Know

There are very few things that I am not in the question about. But this is one. You know. You always know. And following that knowing — YOUR KNOWING — is the key to a life of ease, joy and glory. It is the key…Read More