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The Gift of Difference

Author   Category Limitless Living

What this world needs now more than ever is people who are willing to take off their disguise of being normal and SHINE like the different creatures we are. When I see someone like you, when I have the honor of truly seeing someone, tapping…Read More

The Path Less Traveled

Author   Category Being You

Do you realize how different you really are? Join me and my best friend Gary Douglas as we discuss this, choosing the path less traveled, being us, and so much more… What if you truly being you are the gift, the change, and the possibility…Read More

What Is Being You and Being Different?

Author   Category Being You

Difference is where our greatness is. It is everything that is truly great about us, and for most of us, it is what we have been trying to hide. Instead of hiding, let’s explore that elusive word and concept of…. D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-T. Join a few of…Read More

How Do You Respond To Different?

Author   Category Being You

When you meet someone who is willing to be all the difference they are, how do you respond? Does it inspire you? Are you drawn to it? What is different about YOU that you could embrace, rather than trying to hide it or run away…Read More

Spaciousness & Possibilities

Author   Category Limitless Living

What if the future is not like anything you ever imagined? If you allow it, it can be beyond anything you could have ever predicted. If you’ll allow it, you may find that where once there was need may become spacious possibility…. Join me as…Read More

Allowance & Potency

Author   Category Limitless Living

Today I am giving you my best shot at presenting a different perspective on allowance. It really isn’t the same as acceptance. And it really really isn’t being a doormat. Allowance is a more potent agent of change than most people ever realize. Join me…Read More

The Body Whispering Class

Author   Category Body Talk

What if starting a conversation with your body could be the beginning of the best friendship you’ve ever had? What if now is the time for a brand new way of seeing, being and healing? This special training is based on the book ‘Body Whispering‘…Read More