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3 Steps To Stop People Pleasing

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In every workplace and friendship circle, there’s often that one person who makes a habit of putting everyone else’s needs and wants before their own; and is often identified as a people pleaser.  Generous as that sounds, there’s a downside. This urge can begin to…Read More

Return of the Gentleman Now?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Ladies, I wrote a book for you…’Return of the Gentleman’. Yes, I know it sounds like it is for men, and it is. However, it is for you just as much! What if you are crucial in inviting the gentlemen to return? Intrigued?  Please join…Read More

Kindness Saved My Life

In honor of Suicide Prevention, I’m sharing my personal journey of how kindness saved my life. I had a seemingly perfect life when I decided to end it all. Years later, I am determined to save lives through one simple thought: the pursuit of perfection…Read More

A Mighty Receiver

Author   Category Limitless Living

In this series, I’ve often talked about the phenomenal gifting and receiving that is possible with horses, trees, plants, birds, rivers, mountains, butterflies and rain…. All that, and every single living molecule on this vibratingly beautiful planet of ours. But what about inanimate objects? Like…Read More

Intimacy Myths

Author   Category Limitless Living

How often do we hear over and over again that the key to intimacy is about finding someone to have a close relationship with? What if I were to tell you that to create true intimacy, YOU are the person you have to become most…Read More

Love Your Body In 3 Steps

Author   Category Limitless Living

What if there are simple steps to appreciate and enjoy your body every day? Imagine waking up every morning, happy and grateful for your body, excited about what you could create with it each day! Your body truly is your best friend, if you let it…Read More

People Pleaser?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Should you try and please everyone? Are you a people pleaser? There’s an old saying that… You can please some people all the time. You can please all of the people some of time… but you can’t please everyone all the time. What if there…Read More