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A Great Way To Get YOU Moving

Author   Category Limitless Living

Do you know a really good way to get YOU to do something? Let me show you… 3…2…1…. You can’t read this email! No, STOP! You’re not allowed! Stop reading! I forbid you to read this email! What happens? Well…you’re still reading, right? I know…Read More

What Creates the Future?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Your choice creates the future. You make a choice today and the future gets created by that choice. Each choice creates a cobweb of possibilities. Every time you choose something, at least ten different possibilities open up. From those possibilities, you have a minimum of…Read More

Money and Life

Most of us are told that if we focus on money, we will get money…. But when you make your life about money, it stops being about the gift of living and the joy of thriving – it becomes all about surviving. What if, instead,…Read More

What Is The Capacity YOU Have?

Author   Category Limitless Living

What are the capacities you have? Really? You see, what interests me is not the capacity I have, it is what capacity you have…. And what capacity WE ALL have, when we tap into this symphony universe that is available now! It is about exploring…Read More